Thursday, August 5, 2010

reinvent democracy to reinvent lives

Ayn Rand wrote CAPITALISM is an unknown ideal. We should say, DEMOCRACY too.

We have democracy every where with its periodical elections, and elected representatives acting like old time Kings and Royals.Their high handedness,greed for more and more power and money,their fierce fight among themselves for those privileges,peoples freedom to cry about these injustices and media's act of faithfully reporting all the goings are, in short, what we experience as modern-democracy! The only difference from the old regimes of Kings and Royals is that, now we have our own species of 'people' in the seats of power! No difference in the spirit of the ruler and the ruled. The evil of political authority based establishment, a myth that was fit for the old regime of Kings and Foreign rulers is in place, even under 'peoples own' government.

Whether documented or not in the ancient rule books of democracy, it should be self evident that instead of power and political authority, the ruling element of peoples government should have been plain human reason,wisdom and common sense. Why should peoples own government need 'power' over own people,equal in status and relevance? Constitution is the embodiment of such collective wisdom of all of us and when political power is used to enforce it over 'equals' can not be democracy. It is faulted at the foundation itself . Plain truth is that democracy has degenerated itself as a plain fight among interested group of people to grab political power. This fight has turned a professional occupation called 'POLITICS'. Media have smarty turned the game an entertainment-means for people, like similar role of wrestling bouts!

When police routinely slap citizens on the street, cane-charge and even fire at them when they demonstrate against the State for some or other injustice,or when tax men con and blackmail citizens routinely in democracy, laws that originally had meant to protect citizens and liberate them turned tools in the hands of the agencies of power to 'TRAP' citizens, the relation between government and its people is better to be termed as that between a predator and its prey! Never, repeat, never, some thing that even remotely resemble an arrangement of EQUAL PEOPLE to manage their collective affairs that naturally originate when living together in large communities !!

But can our Political- leader class ever realize such unfortunate foundational twists and deformation of democracy, and seek remedies to rectify them? A firm no, because the present system absolutely suits them. They have become clever users of  an old myth that use the ' halo' around the name of 'peoples' power. Communists cleverly had run fascist governments for centuries, using such halo around the name of the 'working class'.

The only strata that can open the eyes of the world towards  this deception in the great ideal of democracy is the MEDIA, so called Peoples' Voice. They arrange TV debate every evening on various aspects of bad governance. If they could mention these fundamental fallacies at the foundation of democratic principles aso at least once in a while, eyes of every citizen would have opened, and a sincere,silent movement could have been initiated to 'reinvent democracy'. Their professional duty is not only to inform, but to educate,enlighten and direct too.

This author was after the media for a long time ( over 6 years) to join this much needed initiative of 'reinventing democracy' so that it suit our enlightened times, and give people their due dignity and status  that is fit under 'their own' governmental-system,but there was zero outcome ! Will all like minded people come forward to share this mother of all CAUSES?